News Real 6 – Issue 31


We already have so many alternate realities to deal with without wildly speculating on other parallel realities that might exist but which are beyond our reach.

Rich: poor cheek-by-jowl

Criminal powerbrokers: persecuted and neglected poor cheek-by-jowl

Rhetoric: behaviours cheek-by-jowl

Edicts of sociopaths as legislation: real effects felt by those devastated whose reality is denied by numbers and lynch mob mentality.

Political delusion of policy makers: The reality of lives wholly disenfranchised.

A bloke, and others, who can spend twelve years considering the outlandishly speculative, wholly subjective notion of parallel realities provable by the possible discovery of a particle that might ‘explain’ the basis of reality: cheek-by-jowl with many folks who, because of their situation, cannot engage another being in conversation due to its cost/unit dissidence and dissonance. The same being unable to think about their living due to the visceral imperative of the reality they are condemned to and its detrimental effects on the mechanisms/organics of thinking about the reality they’re coerced to live.

Independently wealthy power brokers dipping into the public purse outside of moral fortitude and integrity. These same criminals in all but legislation, telling the populace to tighten their belts and put up with callous and unfair treatment by the reality factory that is so-called representative democracy in the UK.

Think about it: how many realities do we need to invent when there are so many materially active, even if notionally rendered, to consider?

Also, the physicists’ idea of possibility is rooted in quantity rather than quality. So, what if there are many realities in the atomic physics realm that are being acted out deterministically. What of true possibility being introduced into a mutually agreed, agreeable reality that actually eradicates the quantity of severely conflicting and counter-productive realities, but helps establish a singular reality many more of us on this planet can recognise and feel infinitely better about, and not feel compelled to escape from?

We already have multiple realities with all the possibility we can handle.

The difference here being that in these realities, here and now, there is no possibility as we are distracted by physics with its collective head in the iclouds, positing the idea of pre-existing, deterministic realities where things in each one in comparison are different. How about trying to conceive of these extant and cognitively immediate realities having their possibilities realised while they still can?

In these realities, power can, in its own subjective reality, effectively posit the idea that I and my ilk do not, to all intents and purposes, exist in any substantive way. Yet, running parallel to this speculative reality, is our own visceral existential mind and body insistence on us being, merely existing in a cynical global reality of desperately uneven power. However, given the level of power in the heads of ideologues and psychopaths, when they speak it as if my/our reality doesn’t exist, is no matter. Our reality is not referred to except as rhetorical subjected and figurative signified, through cynical use of numbers to crunch us to a silent nothing; to a paste or putty to be moulded and shaped for narrow, unimaginative utilitarian purpose.

Are not these realities enough to be going on with? Do we need to spend so much of the best of human intellect and imagination on speculative improbable and unattainable realities that are much less real to us than Sim City or Virtual Life type existences delivered to us by computerisation and the alternate realities therein.

(This article was submitted to us by Pig Ignorant and Curious Joe; both obvious avatars, but at least they are willing to try to engage this physical reality and its notional bases, to some degree)

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