News Real 9 – Issue 31


In skilled and erudite parody of Machiavelli’s classic of elitist and callous power broking, a non-fiction novel called The Price has been published by Everyman-Has-His-Price publishing company.

The author’s name has been changed to protect them from retribution and persecution. The name on the dust-jacket is Nicholas Hemorrhoid.

The book studies at close quarters, the total abandonment of Liberal principles in favour of being ‘of service’ to rampant Toryism. The author describes the process as political suicide fuelled by a desire to power that could only be realised by disappearance.

The chapter on the psychoanalysis of the Thanatos impulse shown in pursuit of attending only visually, the unopposed power of Feudal-type dictats and edicts by an elitist crowd of privatising opportunists, is particularly entertaining.

The author coins the joke epithet of the liberal leader being a Suppose-It-A-Tory to describe how big a sacrifice the party made in pursuit of power. The fact that they will probably never be trusted by the electorate ever again should have been too high a price to pay, especially for the little power they actually had, but it seemed that the leader didn’t heed this. It seems he effectively became a shadow of the Tory PM, much to the satirical amusement of those accepted as harmless rhetorical critics of a power base unopposed in enacting the some of  the worst tenets of right-wing politics in order to subjugate and disenfranchise proletarians.


The novel, The Brown-Nose Version by Campbell Minging has been published by Pocket-Ethics edition publishing.

It is a semi-fictional tawdry tale of a political party that chose the obscurity of the Tory anus rather than retain any integrity and principled identity as a pivotal tenet of the democratic system.

They then emerged five years later without contrition or humility claiming that things for the working-class could have been much worse had they not facilitated and given credibility to draconian and focused right-wing policies.

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