Twelfth Fight – part the tenth – Issue 31

Frank is on his way out of town, retracing his steps with heart beating to an erratic tune: sometimes calm, sometimes mad. After all, he feels he’s late for a very important Kate.

He begins a soliloquy:

I am marred and reduced drinking the vile

shrunken of soul in this life sans style

I must break fast serial gruel days

taste once more the beauty of special K’s.

Hoping my steed can back spin the black sun

to those heady days of laughter and fun

in her chamber, she drew and triggered joy

sex-shooting me to happiness bare-faced

I was rapt in love, all sadness displaced

what madness mis-stacked my daft arse over tit

downcast my soul to a duelling pit?

Tho, whilst a glimmer of hope’s light winks yet

there’ll be no more dull feasting on regret

entreat her to my yellow mummery forgive

that we should fire our hearts a view to live

whatever energies I still possess

will swap kissing bullets for her caress

yet a present of half-baked ash and dust

make crossing sea and continent a must.

These inner thoughts made Frank vulnerable in his demi-stupor as he wandered across an opening between the gulch’s walls. Ploughing heedlessly through the stream, he couldn’t hear his latest detractor.

He didn’t even hear the gunshot, but he certainly felt its effect. The searing pain assailed his flesh and he fell sickening into the water and lay motionless, in shock.

Tis irony to see my life’s water

merge with such ease, a future to slaughter

mingling nature’s progress with my demise

babbling truth washes away sordid lies

overrunning ambition touching nought

this peace a sudden friendly grips all thought

More thoughts of a future with Kate, away from such dismal fortune flooded his throbbing brain. Determined to stay aware, Frank bit his tongue. A stream of consciousness spoke to him.

Here, in this bleeding stream, there’s no ghost of

a chance to be happy tho’ no nature

flow perchance to be aghast: twopains,

one of metal, the other of mettle: the

sun, having peeked has abandoned me to

shadow yet darkness I must keep in abeyance.

Resist the smart little fellow’s quick drawn tape

he’ll not yet measure my cold feet and nape…

As Frank flickered between sleep and waking, a figure filled in the gaps and made his vision all dark, In the left hand, the figure held a weapon, pointing to where Frank lay, still easily smoking from its pleasure.

At last, he’s in the prime position

half-drowned, full-downed, no more opposition

with heart desiring a new physician

No tailored strips, I dream of Arden’s wood

where this chamber will spin and do no good

Just then another shot rang, impolitely, and pounded into floundering flesh, intent on taking its part of a wager that involved extracting breath from its loanee. A final payment had been demanded, regardless of the loss of blood.

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