Trotsky’s Tiffin – Issue 24

TROTSKY’S TIFFIN (previously Stalin’s Breakfast) The following ‘incident’ was acted out to the private strains of that perennial favourite refrain, ‘Old Macartney had some grub, eee I did, I know’. Watching his weight and the weightlessness of his pocket, Old […]

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News Real 7 – Issue 24

IT ALL ADDS UP Every head of state and some of the other members of the global capitalist/corporatist/mafia oligarchies are to receive a brand spanking new and unprecedentedly expensive Debt Watch. The expense will be paid for directly with public […]

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News Real 8 – Issue 23

WESTERN COUNTRIES’ MUSIC The latest US concert by the legendary Ken Lee Rogered has been cancelled by authorities. The authorities objected to what they called subversive lyrics and said that he is lucky that they no longer round up communists […]

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