Media Page – Issue 25

TV More tedious formulaic drivel in Drudge Dead, the bleak look at the the near future. Soon the authorities will hire retired action=film stars to hunt down and slay unionised labour. XENIA The service industry warrior and her sidekick Genuflect […]

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News Real 6 – Issue 24

PRINCELY ZERO-SUM GAMES Apparently, according to reports by independent journalists, who just happened to be in the polar region, Prince Onbothsides reached the pole last month. The patron of the Self-Indulgence Society of Great Britain, is raising money for charity […]

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News Real 1 – Issue 24

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? THIS MONTH: TRADES UNIONS Those once credible bodies of legitimate recognition of active industrial relations. Relations between employer and vital individuals who can experience their true adversary in an authentic, immediate way in order to achieve […]

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